DAY 2 - Sightseeing in Porto & Hiring a car in Porto (photos from Porto)

Programme of the day

Sightseeing in Porto (morning)
After the breakfast we were back to the historic centre of Porto and visited:

Here is a map of Porto with all its historic icons and attractions: click here (PDF file)

As we only had a half-day in Porto, we visited it quite quickly. But if you have time, you may want to consider one of those popular river Douro cruises including wine tasting. Some of them are quite expensive but these are full day tours (here are the links of companies organising the cruises: Manos do Douro, Rota do Douro and Douro Acima).

You should also visit one of those museums dedicated to famous port wine... and believe us, there is more than just a Santander.

Leaving Porto
We left Porto in the afternoon heading to our pre-booked holiday cottage in Covas village (Country of Viana do Castelo).
The journey took us around 3 hours, the motorways and highways in North Portugal are of a good standard. Main cities and smaller towns are well sign posted but still we would recommend you to have a GPS.

Map (from Porto to Covas village): http://goo.gl/maps/oz5t

Hiring a car in Portugal, Porto
We hired a car (in advance from London) from JAP company ( www.japrac.pt) using booking website Amigo Autos ( www.amigoautos.co.uk). You will have to have a credit card to book the car. We paid €90 for 8 days, for Renault Clio. It was nearly brand new and the renting was quite cheap (especially in comparison with other countries in Europe). We were happy with the deal.

Driving in Portugal
In Portugal you will have to pay tolls when using motorways and highways – called "autoestrada”. The whole system is quite "tourist-friendly". You just drive and then within 5 days you first used the motorway or highway you go to local post-office or a petrol station, you tell them the vehicle registration number and they will let you know how much you have to pay. In total we paid for tolls around €15.

Photos from North Portugal: check our gallery

Enjoy North Portugal, Jakub & Eva

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