DAY 4 & 5 - Best beaches in the North Portugal & Peneda-Geres National Park

DAY 4 - Great beaches in North Portugal and visit to Viana do Castelo town

Programme of the day
Today it was all about the sunbathing, swimming and beach activities.

All travel guides will suggest that South Portugal is THE place for all that beach relaxation but as per our opinion the North is as good as the South. The sea is a bit more wild, the coastline more rocky and windy (hence great for surfing) but still very enjoyable.
The best beaches are between the town Viana do Castelo and Caminha village. We have tried the beach close to Afife village and to Vila Praia de Ancora village ( see the photos in the gallery). All beaches are easily accessible by car, most of them surrounded by shops and good restaurants with great local food.
In the late afternoon we have visited Viana do Castelo (the capital of Viana do Castelo region, www.portugal-info.net/costaverde/vianadocastelo.htm). It is famous for its hand made crafts, regional costumes ( see the photos in the gallery), its historical centre and dominating Sanctuary of Santa Luzia (with great views of the city, river and the ocean).

We had a late dinner in Viana do Castelo having traditional soup caldo verde for the first time. The basic ingredient is kale, favourite vegetable in the area.

It was another fantastic day and we came back our wonderful barn quite late to be welcomed by the songs of cicadas.

Viana do Castelo map and city guide: download it here: page 1 and page 2 (PDF files)

Map (from Covas village to Afife, Vila Praia de Ancora and Viana do Castelo): http://goo.gl/maps/oz5t

Photos from North Portugal: check our gallery

Enjoy North Portugal, Jakub & Eva

DAY 5 - Peneda-Geres National Park

Program of the day
Today we woke up early, had a breakfast in the garden with the sun rising and then headed for a long day trip to Peneda-Geres National Park ( en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peneda-Ger%C3%AAs_National_Park).
We love hiking and we wanted to do something more than just lying on the beach for the whole week. Apart the park, great walks and superb views, the highlight of the Peneda-Geres National Park was the shrine at Senhora da Peneda ( see the photos in the gallery).

Map (trip to Peneda-Geres National Park): http://goo.gl/maps/oz5t

Photos from North Portugal: check our gallery

Enjoy North Portugal, Jakub & Eva

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